Brainvita Abacus

Today, Abacus has become a need, a necessity for children in this competitive world, no matter that the technology now a days is so advanced but even than there is no such machine which can help you make your child's brain smarter, the present technologies are just deteriorating the young minds, the child goes to school, returns back, & than instead going to the ground to the play ground, as their previous generations used to do, they just open up their computer or laptop and will start playing games on it or will start watching TV, "the idiot box" on which, today the programs are full of violence and insensible things – badly affecting these young minds. The main conclusion is that they are not having any good mind exercise, no matter the reason is what, it may also be the burden of tuitions, etc.

Abacus helps the child's mind to nurture its true potential, helping it to develop more while increasing its Accuracy, Speed, Visualization, Power& Self Confidence. It trains the student in such a way that it seems to the like a game, and Abacus seems to them like a toy.

Today it has become a necessity & one can clearly find a difference between a child who has done Brainvita Abacus Course & a child who is just a face in the crowd.

Now it's your choice what you want your child to be –

"A leader & a confident voice in this competitive world 'or' just a face in the crowd"

Brainvita Abacus is the best abacus course that you can find today on the running ball … It's a challenge. There are unlimited reasons for you to choose Brainvita … THE BEST:


  • The best abacus aourse in the world.
  • The only course in the world that completes just in 80 Hours*
  • The only Course who's Writer-Director has won Gold Medal twice for the course.