About Us

Brainvita Educational Academy (B.E.A.) is the fastest growing & the most prestigious institution in the field wherever it works, this is not our punch line … but our results say it.

At B.E.A. we work for the development of educational standards making them more interesting & lucrative for the students, in a manner that they learn it till the depth & the imparted education becomes their skill for the lifetime.

We try to do something innovative, something different from the leak & that what make a difference between us and the crowd. We provide qualitative high class education to the children and provide them a lifetime skill, nurturing their potential & helping them to expand their talent within the shrinking boundaries of the today's world so that he doesn't remain just a face in the crowd ….

B.E.A has always tried to develop the best skills in child & our educational programs are:

Brainvita Abacus: The best abacus course in the world

Quick Calculation: A course specially designed for those who want to give pace to their calculations.

Smart Write: A unique hand writing improvement program with guaranteed results.